• Cup of Code

    Cup of Code

    I write about things that interest me as a software engineer, and I find interest in various subjects :) || Come visit at www.cupofcode.blog

  • Robson Almeida

    Robson Almeida

    CTO & Head of Product @ Superplayer & Co

  • Joe Maddalone

    Joe Maddalone

    Web developer

  • Beck Chen

    Beck Chen

    Software dude, violinist, watch-modding enthusiast. Currently residing in Tokyo

  • Uri Shaked

    Uri Shaked

    Google Developer Expert for Web Technologies, Maker and Public Speaker

  • Veronica Cámara

    Veronica Cámara

    Content strategist & UX writer. 🏳️‍🌈 www.avoagency.com

  • Ella sheer

    Ella sheer

    Engineer. Thinker. Writes 4 minutes stories.

  • rachel_bt


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